“Hats off to this state-of-the-art system. My mother is 96 years old and lives alone. She has used the system several times from a simple fall to help her back up, to a life-threatening incident in which she would have passed if it weren’t for you being there for her. Thank you and love and respect to all that keeps this world a happier and safer place to be.”

-Jonny, Current Customer

“Help Alert has helped my family have some peace of mind for years, just knowing that my loved ones were safe! Tom has helped our family by taking care of my grandmother who lived to be 96 years young, my dad who lived home with my mother until he passed, and now my mom who wants to stay in her home. Whenever someone misplaced or lost a button, Tom had another one there immediately. We never had any problems with the Help Alert equipment or service. I recommend Help Alert to protect your love ones.”

– Rob, Current Customer

“I would like to thank Help Alert for giving me peace of mind. I had Help Alert services for my mother who lived alone quite a distance from where I lived. On several occasions Help Alert service came in need for my mother when she had fallen. The services were immediate, and aid was summoned for my mother Help Alert gave her some independence until she had to move closer to me in a nursing home. I thank Help Alert for the years of great quality and service at a very affordable price. Thank you, sincerely.”

-Stephan, Past Customer

“You are the most reliable, most responsive alert button company. I don’t refer anywhere else!”

-Care Manager, Courtney

 “Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast for all of the members, you rock!”

– Care Manager, Kelly

“Thank you, Nikki for always being so helpful! Please tell Tom I said the same – you guys are awesome!”
– Care Manager, Irene

“Thank you, you guys are the best!”
–Care Manager, Sherry